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Alan Brent

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Physical details

Gender: Male

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Grey

Hair length: Receding

Playing age: 55 - 65 years

Actual age: 66

Height: 6ft 2ins

Weight: 102kg

Build: Medium

Location: North West

Nationality type: European

Appearance: White


Alan is a skillful character actor trained in the Stanislavsky Method. A professional in every way he has achieved high respect from his peers in his craft. Recognised often for his stature rather than any specific role ..."outstanding performance as much for his man-mountain presence as his dry delivery and exceptional comic timing" Val Javin, Yorkshire Post, "laughed until I cried. Alan Brent first ripped at my sides and then rent my heart" Stephen Wren, Daily Mirror. Alan has appeared in many soap operas in a variety of character roles and still remains virtually "unknown".

He has a wide array of talents outside of acting excelling as a marksman, sailor, golfer and horse rider.

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Stage Tour
2009 James Arbuthnott, Oh Pair , Workshop Theatre , DJ Harman
2009 DCI Kevin Goodwin, Chain Reaction , Workshop Theatre Company , Diana Harman
2005 Robert, The Wicca Mam , LeedsCityFringe , Dick Downing
2002 Mushnik, Little Shop of Horrors , Tour , Marcus Romer
2000 Falstaff, Henry IV Pt1 , Tour , Tony Bentham
1999 Chief Bromden, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest , Wakefield , John Kelly
1999 Narrator, Blood Brothers , Tour , Steve Mullins
2009 Roleplay, Working Links , Corporate Roleplay Company , Andrew
2008 Santa, Santa's Christmas Dubai Show , Whatnow Productions Ski Dubai , Ray Wildman
2007 Alan, Intermec , Chemistry Digital , Steve Gilbert
2007 House Owner, Everest Patios , Iceni TV , Angela
2006 Air Traffic Controller, Am I Clear? , Phoenix Media , Rohan L
2006 Mr Jones, People Ready Workshop , TSG/Microsoft , Ian Dinning
2005 David Blunkett, Lookalike , Juliet Adams Agency , Self
2004 Various Characters, Corporate Roleplay , The Roleplay Co. , Graham de Banzie
2009 Mr Bright, Nowhere Fast , Nova Inc Film and TV , Martin Wallace
2009 The Landlord, Little Amy , Little Amy Productions , Sam Stevenson
2008 Dennis Mitchell (lead), Finding Vivian , Bradford Media Museum , Michael Law
2008 DCI Adams, Underground Trade , Unwin Productions , Andrew Unwin
2007 Brian Horton, Brian Horton's First Episode , BVM (Bradford) , Brain Deane
2006 Peter Brown, Tied in Blood , Rotunda Films , Matthew Lawrence
2006 Andy Rogers (lead), One Last Time , White Lion Films , Marcus Dyachenko
2006 Lt. George Botterill, Jungle Fever , Independent , Mark Smith
2006 Brian, Seashell , Caught Short , Matthew
2004 Fisherman, Chronos , Leeds University Film School , Ilyokim Milonias
2009 Egeus/Snout, A Midsummer Night's Dream , Northern Shakespeare Company , Jonathan Linsley
2008 Murray, The Odd Couple , A Merry Can Theatre company , Bryan Bounds
2007 Mr Grimshaw, Overdale , Sheep Town Theatre Company , Tom Alderson
2006 The Man, No Fury , Leeds City Fringe , Martin J Saxton
2006 Eddie, Scab! , LeedsCityFringe , Pauline Fearey
2005 Fisherman, Baggage , National Trust Theatre Company , Sue Reddish
2005 Ace, Photo Finish , ScriptYorkshire , Lloyd Peters
2002 Barabas and ensemble, Worsborough Mystery Plays , Worsborough , Bill Fisher
1996 Ensemble, Royal Shakespeare Company , Stratford upon Avon , Various
2009 John Laws The Hangman, The Execution of Gary Glitter , Juniper TV , Robert Coldstream
2007 Airline Pilot, Inside Out , BBC South East , unknown
2000 Barber, The Quest , Yorkshire TV , Graham Weatherall
2000 Police Photographer, Touch of Frost , Yorkshire TV , Graham Weatherall
1995 Shooting Guest, Emmerdale , Yorkshire TV , Various


Accents & Dialects

Glaswegian*, Scottish*, Liverpool, RP*, French, Belfast, Northern Irish, Russian, Northern*, Yorkshire*, Standard USA





Other skills

Dancer, Singer, Weapon Expert, Horse Riding, Muscular, Attractive, Video, Solo Singer, Marksman


Scottish Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, Glasgow - Performing Arts Degree - 1983-1987