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Genna Foden

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Physical details

Gender: Female

Eye colour: Blue/Green

Hair colour: Brown

Hair length: Long

Playing age: 20 - 30 years

Actual age: 36

Height: 5ft 6ins

Weight: 56kg

Build: Thin

Location: London

Nationality type: European

Appearance: White


Genna graduated from the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama BA Acting course, and has gone on to appear in various productions in Theatre and Film.

A highly versatile and unique actress, Genna has played extremely varied and challenging roles throughout her training and professional career. Notable roles include Lord Aumerle (Richard II), Procne (The Love of the Nightingale) and Pompey (Measure for Measure). She was described by one director as "chameleonic" in her ability to play vastly contrasting roles and has been praised highly for her portrayal of besieged characters and emotional range. As Summer in Happy Here at The White Bear Theatre, one reviewer commented: "Genna Foden's performance was...understated, quiet excellence".

Genna is adept at both passion and restraint and relishes the challenge of playing characters from all parts of society.

Genna is also experienced in comedy and has recently worked with cult director Donald Takeshita-Guy in television pilot (Project A.G.AU) and Sci-Fi rock opera Bikini Blitzkreig which was well received at the London Portobello Film Festival.

She is an experienced horse rider, and has currently started writing scripts.


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2013 Emily White, Human Resources , Soho Theatre/Leicester Sq , David J. Collyer
2011 Ensemble, You, Me, Bum Bum Train , You, Me, Bum Bum Train , Kate Bond & Morgan Lloyd
2010 Emily, Modern Love , Authority Productions , David Collyer
2010 Emily , Modern Love: Redux , Authority Productions , David Collyer
2004 Pompey, Measure for Measure , Leap Theatre Company , Jacob Harders
2004 Summer, Happy Here , White Bear Theatre , Tom Underwood
2003 Bride/Tanya, Plasticine , CSSD , Angie Langfield
2003 Yula Suslova, Summer Folk , CSSD , Percy Steven
2002 Harriet/Handy, The Man of Mode , CSSD , Tom Luscombe
2002 Clytemnestra, The Orchestra , CSSD , Claudette Williams
2002 Aumerle, Richard II , CSSD , Stephen Jameson
2002 Procne, The Love of the Nightingale , CSSD , Grainne Byrne
2001 Anna, Vassa Zweleznova , CSSD , Percy Steven
2001 Rosemary Sydney, Picnic , CSSD , Peter McAllister
2000 Lady Macbeth, Macbeth , Dumfries Arts Festival , Nigel Brown
2013 Rebecca, The Kick Inside , Hentucky Productions , Ivan Madeira
2012 Grace (Lead), EDIT , tbc , Christopher Cornwell
2012 Woman 2 (Lead), Political , Fusion Arts Ltd
2012 Donna (Lead), Swollen , BWR Productions , Morgana Sneddon
2012 Rebecca (Lead), Underwear , Hentucky Productions , Ivan Maderia
2012 Survivor, Void , Early Train Productions , Jack Ayers
2011 Natalie Owens (Lead), Naughty Little Angels , Bohemian Pictures , Anna Drizen
2011 Susie (Lead), Strands , Grass Temple , Jack Delaney
2011 Character B, Type AB Negative , AL Productions , Andy Lewis
2011 Rachel (Lead), Judas Kiss , UC Productions , Eileen Tracy
2011 Sarah (Lead), Blackout , Fascination Pictures , James Bushe
2009 Susie (Lead), Saving Faces , Rave Films , Jack Delaney
2009 Girl, Mirrored Games , S.E.H Films
2009 Death, Direct , Andy Lewis Ltd , Andrew Lewis
2008 G, Outsiders In , Tangent Films , Jamie Juttner
2007 Mandy, Bikini Blitzkreig Part II , Yippie Ai Oh , Donald Takeshita-Guy
2006 Annimate, BB Part I : Dance Domination , Yippie Ai Oh , Donald Takeshita-Guy
2012 Kate (Lead), Persona (Season 3) , App Media , Jack Delaney
2009 Patty, Access All Areas , Independent Production , Jamie Danan
2007 Major Yovola, Project A G A U , Independent Production (pilot) , Donald Takeshita-Guy
2011 Friend, Andrea Faithful Right In The Middle , Grass Temple , Jack Delaney
Voice Over
2010 Narrator, Climate Change Educational Video , Tangent Films , Peter Clark
2004 Pulukaku, Pulu, Narrator, Mother , Monogatari , Kathi Kappel
2004 Varoius, Mentor Training , The Princes Trust
2004 Jane, For My Girlfriend , Badash , Nick Helm


Accents & Dialects

London*, Northern, Liverpool*, New York, Glaswegian*, Australian, Standard USA*, Cockney*, RP*, Southern USA, Scottish*


Mezzo soprano

Other skills

Full Clean Driving Licence, Pilates, Dancer, Singer, Horse Riding, DJ-ing


Central School of Speech and Drama - BA Acting - 3 yrs, 2003
Dumfries & Galloway College 0 Performance HNC and Performance & Theatre NC, 1999-2000