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Peter Peralta

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Physical details

Gender: Male

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Hair length: Medium

Playing age: 18 - 29 years

Actual age: 33

Height: 5ft 8ins

Build: Thin

Location: London

Nationality type: Mixed Race


Born and raised in London, PETER PERALTA made his acting debut in the BOC Covent Garden stage production of "THE KING AND I" as a young prince at the age of 10. After landing a few stage roles, Peter then studied at Sylvia Young's Theatre School and later performed in the smash hit West End musical production of "OLIVER" playing Hand-Walker in Fagin's gang with Robert Lindsey as Fagin at the London Palladium, directed by SAM MENDES ("American Beauty"). While gaining experience on the stage Peter's passion was for screen acting and so the transition from stage to screen began with his first feature film "Once Upon a Tale" directed by Adam Kolwalski where Peter played the lead role of Pete, a struggling writer searching for inspiration. Peter can be currently seen in the award winning feature "TRIADS, YARDIES AND ONION BHAJEES" which was premiered at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.


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2013 Lee, Krish and Lee , Jaffa Films , Peter Peralta
2012 Goku, Dragon Ball Saiyan Saga , K&K Production , Harry & George Kirby
2011 TUNG, FOUR HOURS , Jaffa Entertainment , Andre Rettedal
2011 Demetri, Sons of God - 7th Trumpet , Jaffa Entertainment , Christine Edwards
2010 Demetri, Sons of God - The Club , Jaffa Entertainment , Christine Edwards
2010 Demetri, The Bridge - Sons of God , Jaffa Entertainment , Christine Edwards
2010 Demetri, 7th Trumpet , Jaffa Entertainment , Christine Edwards
2009 Japanese Teen,, Verbo , Apaches Entertainment , Edwardo Chapero-Jackson
2008 Ken, Lovebombing , Chop Limited , Phil Lepherd
2008 Martial Arts Hero, 8 Cuts of the Dragon , The Winners Productions , Fiona Brownlie
2007 Tony, Cash and Curry aka Counterfeit , Jaffa Entertainment , Sarjit Bains
2006 Leung, Summer , Parasol Peccadillo , Hong Khaou
2004 Lieutenant Lee, Camp Xray , Gettovision , Manish Patel
2003 Billy Chan, Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees , Pulp Sanskrit/ Shaanti Films , Sarjit Bains
2003 Mr T, Sweet Sayuri , Tobbell Productions , Tobias Tobbell
2003 Simon, Friday Reservoir , Headjar Communication , G S Moxham/ Chris Rhys Williams
2002 Thai, The Lads , Troy Webb Ltd , Troy Webb
2002 Student, Closer , London Film School , Luke Blair
2002 Pete, Once Upon A Tale , Forgotten Artistes , Adam Kowalski
2002 John Murray, Eva's Friends , Prouvost & Sons , Laure Prouvost
2012 BMW Sales Rep, BMW Munich , Persuit Communications , Ed McGowan
2010 Various, Various , Actorshop , Derek Brown
2010 Presenter, Trap Media , Camberwell Studios , Andy Woodruff
2007 John, Cisco- Global Protection , Hybrid Eye , Brandon Beck
2007 Adam, Tesco Chiquita , Landau Reece , Joe Sweeten
2007 Scientist, Southbank University Video , Landau Reece , Shaquel Butt
2006 Dave, Role of the Home Carer , BVS , Luke Bond
2006 Dave, Principles of Person Centred Care , BVS , Luke Bond
2005 Darren, Moving and Handling , BVS Training Ltd , Dave Houser
2005 Paul, Principles of Childcare , BVS Training Ltd , Dave Houser
2005 Jamie, Child Protection Awareness Training , BVS Training Ltd , Jeff Emerson
2005 Student, Library Promo DVD , Deadline Communications Ltd , Simon Firth
2011 Model, Playtop Licencing Ltd , Scorch London , Steve Jay
2010 Mani, Vodafone , Steam M&S behalf of Vodaphone , Ed Roberts-Graver & Ross
2002 Front Cover Model, Springboard Magazine , Springboard
2010 Dojo, The Legend of Dojo , Ginx TV , Nicole Paglia
2009 Fung, Bo & the Spirit World , BBC , Mat King
2008 Yim Kwang Ho, SPOOKS: code 9 , KUDOS , Toby Haynes
2007 Ali Baba, Genie in the House 2 , Nickelodeon/I love television , Steven Bawol
2005 Alex, The Gym , World Without Other People , Brett Goldstein
2002 Bike Thief, SWAG , Monkey Kingdom Productions , Tom Holland
2008 Cheng, Privates on Parade , WY Playhouse/Birmingham Rep , Ian Brown
2008 Official Wei, The First Emperor , Yellow Earth Theatre , Kumiko Mendl
2006 Little Bear, Bear Stories , Polka Theatre , Annie Wood
2006 Little Bear, Bear Stories (revival) , Polka Theatre , Richard Shannon
2004 Various, Workshops , ARC Theatre , Clifford Oliver
2004 Various, Various Workshops , Arc Theatre , Clifford Oliver
1995 Workhouse Child/Fagin's Gang, Oliver , London Palladium , Sam Mendes
1995 Prince, King and I , BOC Covent Garden Festival, Freemasons Hall , John Gardyne


Accents & Dialects

RP*, Filipino, Cockney, Standard USA*, London*


Piano, Keyboard, Drum kit

Other skills

Video, Motorbike Riding, Muscular, Singer, Attractive, Driving, Martial Arts, Musician


Sylvia Young Theatre School
Private Drama Coach with Paul Gregory - Ex RSC and RNT
Masterclasses with Brian Cox, Brenda Blethyn, Prunella Scales and Samuel West