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How do I join?

All you need to do is click on the join button on our home page.  You’ll choose a plan, choose whether you want to pay weekly or monthly, confirm your email then you’ll set up a Direct Debit payment online.  You can start setting up your profile within minutes.  As soon you’ve uploaded a headshot and completed your basic details you can make your profile live.  

Can I try before I buy?

Yes – if you’re a first time user of CastNet the first 30 days on either our Standard or Premium plans will be free.  Cancel any time before the 30 days is up and you won’t pay a thing. We reckon you’ll want to stay, though!

Do I have to pay monthly?

Actually you can pay monthly or weekly! We asked actors what they preferred and they were divided on this.  If it suits you to pay weekly in smaller amounts then that’s fine.  Just decide when you sign up. You’ll get an email notification before each payment goes out too.

Is there a minimum length of subscription?

No.   You pay for the service when you want it.

What happens when I get a long job and can’t make use of the job information? Or if I have a couple of months where money’s a bit tight? Can I suspend my subscription?

Yes!  Premium and Standard subscribers who have been with us for the previous three months may take a subscription holiday for a maximum of 2 months (8 weeks if you pay weekly) in any 12 month period.  During this time you will receive no job information and you won’t pay anything, but your Premium or Standard Directory profiles will remain searchable by employers and your website will remain live.   Your job information will restart automatically at the end of your Subscription Holiday.  Subscription holidays are not available to Basic account holders.  To suspend your subscription simply visit the My Account page (on the top-right Settings menu).  As soon as you are eligible you will find an option to take a payment holiday.

How do I upgrade?

Once you’re logged in you’ll find the option to upgrade on the Navigation bar above your home page.  When you choose your new plan you’ll be taken to the secure Gocardless payment site to set up a new Direct Debit. Your new plan will start working straightaway.

How do I downgrade?

To downgrade your subscription simply visit the My Account page (on the top-right Settings menu) and scroll down to the downgrade link.  Your Direct Debit will adjust automatically.  

Does CastNet have eligibility criteria for joining?

Anyone can join our Basic package but our Standard and Premium packages, which give access to information on paid work and enhanced career support are for professional actors only and we have strict eligibility criteria. To be eligible you must either have graduated from a full-time accredited course at a Drama UK school (or a school which was at the time a CDS school), or have 3 or more credits in paid, professional acting work in the UK (not including short film, walk-on, idents, corporates or promotional). We do allow rare exceptions and potential exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but we will have a strong reason for accepting someone who does not meet these criteria; i.e. they may have trained on an equivalent full-time high-standard vocational course (we will ask for evidence) in another country; they may have a smaller number of professional credits with significant companies.  Those seeking an exception should expect a refusal.  Please don’t be offended – you can take out a Basic subscription. 

Does CastNet take commission on work I get?

No.  Never!  Nor does CastNet get involved in negotiating pay or terms of employment.  That is between you (or your representative) and your employer.  CastNet is a directory service, not an agency.

How do I change my password?

Visit the settings menu (The ‘cog’ icon on the top right of your home page – the page you get to when you first log in).  Select My Account, then scroll down the page a little and you will see the Update password section.

Where do I go to cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription simply visit the My Account page (on the top-right Settings menu) and scroll down to the cancel link.  Your Direct Debit will adjust automatically.  Remember that you can always simply downgrade to our Basic package rather than cancel entirely.  That way you can upgrade again easily without losing any of your profile information.  You may even be entitled to a payment holiday! (If you are you’ll find details on your My Account page.)