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Job Service
quality acting jobs for quality actors
Premium Standard Basic
Instant job information tailored to your profile and preferences Find out about jobs and opportunities as they come in. And because of our unparalleled matching system you won’t be bombarded with jobs that you aren’t interested in or are inappropriate for your skills. That keeps the employers happy too! Yes Yes Unpaid opportunities only
Apply for jobs online Our simple and easy-to-use jobs dashboard means applying for an acting job can be done quickly and professionally wherever you are. Choose a headshot, add a cover note and leave the rest to us. Yes Yes Yes
Customised CVs for different applications Want your film credits above your stage credits for one job, but not for another? Cut down on your extensive musical theatre credits if you’re going for a straight acting job? It’s all possible and you can store different versions of your CV each time you adapt it. Yes No No
Directory Profile
your profile on our database searched by 1000s of employers
Premium Standard Basic
Smartphone and tablet compatible Our websites are designed and built using HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Basically that means they respond to the size of the screen, making them easily usable on all mainstream devices. You can use them easily wherever you go – and so can employers! Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Optimised Our directory is optimised to make your profile rank higher when people search for your name online. Take control of how people find you online! Yes Yes Yes
Headshots We give your headshots the prominence they deserve and with an unlimited number you can display as many different ‘looks’ as you like! Unlimited 10 2
My Mail – messaging facility and SMS alerts Potential employers can contact you directly through the site, sending you sides and scripts, without you giving away any personal contact details. Yes Yes Yes
My Biography A biography on your profile gives you the chance to tell your own story of your career. Give your potential employers a glimpse of the person behind the CV. Yes Yes No
My Reviews You got a great review? Make sure they can see it. Yes Yes No
Media Gallery With premium membership you can display as many audio and video clips of your work as you like! Showreels, clips, why not a video introduction? With a maximum individual file size of 25MB the sky’s the limit. Unlimited 5 video/audio clips No
Performance Photo Gallery A headshot can never tell the whole story. While video clips give a chance to watch you in action, production shots can show what sort of roles you’ve been cast in. A premium subscription gives you an unlimited number. Unlimited 10 images No
Link your media clips to your CV credits Been in a great film? You can stilt-walk? Show them! Save employers time by linking your clips to a particular credit or skill on your CV. Yes No No
Your profile promoted in employers’ section of website Casting directors love finding new actors. Every time an employer logs on they’re introduced to one of our premium subscribers. Yes No No
Personal Actor’s Website
a great looking professional website which you can update and edit with ease
Premium Standard Basic
Choice of contemporary designs and colour schemes We asked actors how they wanted their websites to look, and we asked employers what sort of websites they would look at: “Stylish, clear, contemporary and professional”. Job done. Affordable too. 60 30 2
Fully responsive design, compatible with smartphones and tablets Intelligent design (by intelligent designers!) makes your website layout adapt to the smaller screens on mobile devices. Yes Yes Yes
Option of Custom Domain name e.g. (Additional fees apply.) Why have your own domain name? Well, it’s your choice but it does give you an extra degree of professional credibility. It also gives you more control over what people see when they search for you. CastNet makes it easy. And it stops someone else having it. Do you need any more reasons? Yes Yes Yes
Optional personalised email address e.g. (Additional fees apply.) Make your email address unique, personal and easy to remember. Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Optimised to help your profile rank high on search engines Your CastNet website will help you take control over what people see when they search for your name. Yes Yes Yes
Links to your public social media pages Make it easy for visitors to follow your professional profiles. Yes Yes Yes
Hosting included Reliable hosting with helpful support. Yes Yes Yes
Link to Spotlight/IMDB profile Unlike some other casting services we understand that you may use other providers too. Employers do too so we’re happy to make it easy for them. Of course, we think your profile will always look best on CastNet! Yes Yes No
Video clip hosting With unlimited video clips (max individual file size 25MB) you can have as many clips of your work as you like. And because this is on your personal website, friends and family can visit it too. When you get asked, “Have you been in anything on the telly recently?” - just send them to your website and they can see you in action. Unlimited 5 clips No
Audio clip hosting With our premium package you can include as many audio clips as you like. Unlimited 5 clips No
Photo Gallery Your own website is your shop window - a chance to tell people a bit more about yourself. Upload as many images as you like to tell your professional story. Unlimited 10 No
Enquiry form with SMS alerts Allow visitors to your site to contact you quickly and safely. Yes No No
Twitter Feed Your twitter feed embedded in your home page keeps your website feeling fresh with your changing news. Yes No No
News/Blog Whether you’re an avid blogger or just want to flag up your latest tour dates, changing content is a great tool for driving traffic to your site. Yes No No
Private document storage and download area for programme biographies, front-of-house photos and measurement forms etc. You’re away from home and the production company wants your measurements and the theatre wants a programme biography. Just send them to your website, give them a code and they can download what they need. No hassle. 10 MB No No
Visitor Statistics Find out how many people are visiting your website, where they’re coming from, what they’re searching for and which pages are most popular. Know your audience! Yes No No
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